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The Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University

28 March 2024

18m 42s

Tidepool Mini Episode | Sea Turtles, Coastal Conservation, and Studying Abroad | Marine Environmental Students in Grenada



In this week’s episode of WaveCast, join us on a journey to St. George's, Grenada, where two passionate marine environmental students, Kailey Strickland and Mackenzie Curtis, share their exciting experience through the Global Skills Opportunity program.
Over the course of a week, they dive into coastal conservation efforts, focusing on the shores of La Sagesse Beach and collaborating with T. A. Marryshow Community College. Kailey and Mackenzie share with us why they chose to study at the Marine Institute, recount their hands-on experiences in Grenada, and discuss their ambitions for future careers within the marine and oceans sector. 
Applications for the Marine Institute’s diploma programs are open now. If you are interested in pursuing Marine Environmental or any other diploma programs, be sure to visit our website at www.mi.mun.ca/programsandcourses/ 

If you have any questions for our guests or suggestions for future episodes, reach out to us at wavecast.mi.mun.ca 



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