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The Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University

24 November 2023

24m 30s

Diving into Discovery: How harp seals and right whales are shaping the fishing industry in Newfoundland | Ep 03



In this episode, we're diving into marine research during Memorial University's research week. Specifically, we're exploring the impact of harp seals and right whales on the fishing industry off the Newfoundland coast.

Our first guest is Dr. Tyler Eddy, a research scientist in the Center for Fisheries Ecosystems Research at MI. Tyler and his team are utilizing ecosystem models to delve into the role of harp seals in Newfoundland waters and assess their potential impact on the recovering cod populations. We'll learn about Tyler's background, his journey into marine science, and the current focus of his work. He shares insights into the broader implications of his research for Newfoundland waters and offers valuable advice for aspiring marine scientists.

Next up is Genevieve Peck, a master's student in Fisheries Science and Technology. Genevieve discusses the increasing numbers of right whales in the waters around Newfoundland and her proactive approach to mitigating potential entanglements using whale-safe fishing gear. We'll explore Genevieve's educational background, her path to the Marine Institute, and the specifics of her current research, including any potential impacts on Newfoundland waters. 

Join us for a deep dive into the critical research shaping the marine ecosystem off the Newfoundland coast in this episode of WaveCast.



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